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    There’s a new documentary on seduction companies (specifically day game) which portrays it really badly. The guys in it are pretty sketchy. It’s really sad because a lot of guys just want to get a girlfriend and overcome their social anxiety and these guys are ruining things. I feel like this could make women much more guarded and fearful of cold approach. Now I’m even more nervous to try approaching. What are your thoughts on this Eric? Here’s the link –


    Coincidentally, a friend sent me that link last week or so…..

    Here’s the thing……Girls know all about our tricks and tactics to meet them……they just play along most of the time……trying to see if you’re really a guy they could be interested in……throughout history its been guys approaching women so there is nothing new there…..
    Where all these London bootcamp guys go wrong is that they attempt to sell you strange techniques, but in reality your issue is deeper…..courage and the ability to question and go against social programming…. which they have no clue how to train you for…. most of them are clueless themselves about how to genuinely attract & keep quality women.

    Eric’s book and program is great for beginners because he focuses on the most important part……desensitizing and gradually losing your fear of approaching strangers who are women.

    Once your AA is manageable, you’ll discover or invent your own techniques to meet women that are congruent with your personality, world view , and the circumstances you meet them in [bars, cafes, public transportation, streets etc]…there’s also a lot of good material on this site, in the blogs and the forum…..

    The BBC stuff will be forgotten in a couple of weeks.

    Work on making yourself a man that women find attractive. Grooming, dress, fitness , health – all are important , but they are 25% . The 75% is the kind of man you are – mindset is far far more important ……and there are no shortcuts for that……that’s a journey of a few years…..


    I think the main thing is to make your game your own. There are tons of stiff, creepy guys trying to use some elaborate techniques. It creeps me out to watch them not to mention the women who they approach. Making it natural and unenforced is the main trick and I touch one. It is almost a self-improvement thing more then a manipulation technique. I, for one, learned that I do not have AA but a situational anxiety. Never knew, for 30 some years.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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