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    I used to post here years ago. So I’m recently single after a 7 year relationship, and I’m back!

    There’s no easy way to meet women where I live (I tried Tinder and the whole town rejected me, lol) so I’m back to doing day approaches.

    It’s taken me about 6 weeks to blow the cobwebs off. I’ve been following Eric’s six steps approach and gradually built up my confidence.

    This time things are more challenging as I’m living abroad, trying to talk to girls primarily in my second language. But on the bright side, there are way more attractive women around here.

    I’m starting to get numbers and stuff now, but I’m having the same problem as I used to do when I was doing this stuff years ago.

    I meet girls, the interaction goes well, they show signs of being attracted and agree to keep in touch or even suggest it. Then when I actually get in touch with them, they’re lukewarm at best. One unfunny quip or wrong move and they just ghost me.

    (Mini side rant: I guess it comes with territory of modern dating, but I hate how women are just so quick to ignore you. It seems to be their default setting, like they won’t tap their fingers on a screen a few times for anything less than perfection!)

    So, any tips here?

    Tbh at this stage I’m just happy to keep in touch with any girl who’s attractive and that probably comes through on some level that I’m not seeing.

    I probably need to set my sights higher in terms of what I’m looking for. But I’m not some high-achieving, intellectual guy who needs a girl who’s all cultured or whatever, I’m just a pretty normal dude.

    I would like to meet someone who’s kind and got a good heart, though. But that’s the kind of thing I can’t figure out from a quick conversation. How can I ‘qualify’ for that?

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