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    i’ll be real short since it involves various chicks:
    1. HBLuce, been to her hostel, shes been to mine. l tried escalating but she kept pushing me away. l asked her recently what was up and she said she hadnt known l was hitting on her since l didnt ‘date’ like most guys(duh!am a PUA!)Anyway l pulled out when l saw this but we have been texting lately.

    2. HBSha is a cute smart ass. like her the most however shes a shitty texter often leaving me hanging. we were supposed to hook up for lunch at her place on thursday. As l was heading to class that morning l met her and her pall and she told me she was heading home(dafug!) this was despite her confirming two day previous. She had made no move to tell me of the change in plans and l only knew coz of luck in meeting her. she told me she would text but didnt( you know what, texting this l realized am wasting time on her,am ditching this )

    3. HBSly, feisty one. Met for pizza with some pals and though she was kinoing me, my chick frend told me she seemed more interested in my pal. plus, in the photos of us touching, the look on her face men!!she seemed very uncomfortable. However, she was pretty good at kinoing me that evening this one l am seriously confused.

    4. HBLora, smart, dangerously so! we hooked up only once but have been texting a lot. any ideas on how to escalate this would really help.

    5.HBKate, very intelligent. Very serious sexual tension but she doesnt wana huk with me out of class. ignoring me offhandedly.

    things to consider about me
    1. Am 21, in university.No problem approaching anymore but day 2s and escalation are killing me.
    2. l am loosing too many chicks due to friendzoning despite trying to be sexual(HB Luce)
    3. l dont drink, which just happens to be the norm in Uni so most chicks find it hard to drink thus let loose around me despite my telling them its totally coool
    4. l hav many frends but due to my PUA philosophy not being accepted by many l tend to be a lone wolf who is very social.

    any advice and questions are very welcome and any PUA in Nairobi Kenya should hit me up


    halla 0700472492

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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