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    Had a great weekend. Chatted with several girls. Brief and longer periods.
    Ill try and keep this short and to the point.
    6 months ago was out the night before NYE. Was with a steady GF. Local craft beer place having a bite. Flirted with the bartender and recieved some IOI.
    Night ended well that night. Fast foward to this past sat night. Me and a coworker and his wife go to this same place. Shes not working Sat but i spy her outside at the outside bar. Shes with an older couple turns out to be her parents.
    We move our group outside and as we pass she gave an excited somwhat suprised hello. My friends go out to the smoking area and she gets up and walks to the bathroom. I grab the chair next to me and indicate her to have a seat, she sais hold on when i return from the ladies room.
    She comes back and sites down and we start chatting about her parents. She asked what i was drinking. I told her( moscow mule)and i told her i ordered it with Jim beam mix instead of vodka. She asked for a sip and she tastes it.

    So we chat briefly for another min or 2 and i was feeling pretty good by then so i went for it and asked her out.
    She said to come back when shes working. She finished up with her parents and left a little while later.
    I felt it went well do to eye contact and over all vibe but then started to wonder if i went in to fast? (Enemy voice) do i wait 2 weeks or more to show up? My friends wif said it was because of the parents?
    Id like to get to know this girl a little better. Advice or thoughts please…


    When i think of why she said to come back why shes working my spidey senses are telling me there may be a mild shit test hidden in this situation?
    2 weeks long enough?
    Another girlfriend of mine said not to wait to long but i think thats bullshit lol


    I wouldn’t overthink it at this stage
    Yes with parents around its always awkward….bet her mother asked her as soon as she returned who she was talking to….that’s just the way Moms are…..
    Visit her on a not so busy night at the bar and you’ll have a clearer idea, whether there is genuine interest or she’s just being friendly


    Good idea cartoox. Its amazing how much i can overthink shit. It IS getting better thougn. Im definately going back there just wasnt sure about how long to give it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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