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Eric Disco

There are certain signals that indicate attraction. If a woman is looking you deep in the eyes, she’s likely more attracted than if she’s looking away, bored and disinterested.

However, all of these attraction “signals” don’t mean a whole lot unless they are accompanied by one thing: sex. Women are excellent at acting like they’re into you, showing you affection, and manipulating you so that you’ll act the way they want you to act, so that you’ll play a part.

Maybe these women are looking for a stand-in for the affection they’re not getting from their boyfriends. Maybe they like the attention they’re getting. Maybe your game is somewhat tight–you tease them, etc.–and that makes them work for your interest.

But just because they want your interest doesn’t mean that they were attracted to you–at least no in a way that will lead to sex. This is sort of like how a guy can fake interest in a girl to get sex and then “lose” interest afterward. He was actually never really interested in her as a person, he only wanted sex.

Unless you’re escalating with these women–taking things to the next level–those indicators of interest aren’t worth much.

Long story short, you need to work on your escalation. Get these women in places where sex could possibly happen–like your house. That should be your first goal. Start capitalizing on all that “interest” and see where it leads you. Because signals can be deceiving, especially from women.