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Eric Disco

This is all in your head, dude. Flirting with girls and asking them for their phone numbers is not illegal. A woman can ask you to stop talking to her, but unless you’re menacing – which has a very specific legal definition – you’re good and shouldn’t feel guilty about getting “caught”.

Now, how should you react when a woman is nasty to you like the one in your story? I’d take the opportunity to mock the person who’s trying to thwart you. I’d raise my voice to a level that other people can hear and say:

“Oh my god, are you stalking me? Aren’t there like 2 million other men in this city you can harass? I’m sorry but I’m just not attracted to you. Go online and meet yourself a nice man. Seriously, coming here and taking your anger out on me is not going to make you happier.”

How long do you think that woman is going to want to stick around? 🙂 Seriously, dude, it’s funny as hell when women get all worked up about being approached. It’s their problem, not yours. Learn to laugh it off like I do.

Now, what should you have said to the nice girl when the nasty cock blocker tried to shut you down? First, don’t explain. Explaining is apologizing. There is no need for an apology. In fact, try going the other way:

(With a smile) “I admit it. I’m guilty. I have a genetic defect. When I see an attractive woman, I can’t help coming over to say hello. Doesn’t mean we’re going to get married, but hey, more than a few marriages have started that way, right?”

Never apologize and never back down. In surveys, when women are asked whether they want men to approach them, the majority say yes.