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Eric Disco

Congrats on a good conversation!

Couple of points–

1. First half sounded quite a bit more animated (from her perspective). I think she was genuinely into being chatted up–but it hit a bit of a plateau–maybe sometime after the skydiving part of the convo. There was some excitement there that you could probably have worked with a bit more.

2. When you asked her ‘what do you do’–you got an answer but then switched back to yourself–so you didn’t seem really interested (granted–you asked her about graphic design much later, but give her a chance to show her personality.

3. Lot of straightforward ‘questions’ to get out of conversational lulls. Things like ‘So…how did you…’ or ‘So…what did you…’ Remember statements not questions can really move you forward–unless you have something that you REALLY want to know about (i.e. not smalltalk)

4. Needed more flirtation/interest/tension. Obviously we can’t see what you actually looked like, but the idea that you were interested didn’t really come across. That may be why you lost a bit of interest around the half way point.

5. Get the number–no reason not to. Absolutely enough rapport for that–might as well have gotten it 2 minutes in, chatted for another minute or two, then left.

Hope that helps…good luck!