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Eric Disco

Big thanks for both of your responses.


I think your 2nd point is interesting. I actually prefer the way we talked about our jobs in this approach. I find it a little hard to relate to a girl’s job instantly just because there are so many different types of careers in terms of level of ambition, skill, etc especially when I may not know much about her job. So I like a little bit of time to internalize what she does and then come back to it later. But also, I talk quite a bit about my job so I think when I turn it back to her a lot of times she is more willing to open up and talk about her job a lot more than she is right away.

your 3rd and 4th points are good and similar to what Lee said.


Ha, i was completely unaware of this but I just listened to it again. And every time there was a lull or pause in the conversation not only did I end it, but I ended it by asking her a question. I can easily wait and let her reignite the conversation. As for asking a lot of questions in general, I will work on that. It will probably be a little bit more of a slower process because when my mind goes blank it is questions that come to mind more than statements.

I was aware that if I made it more flirty and sexual it could be a lot better. I even have a story for it that Ive told on a couple dates but have not had the courage in an approach yet.

Id ask her if she works out and then maybe talk a little about my gym. And the other day the conversation at the gym was about girls who can have an orgasm while working out. Like they are running, or doing situps I guess a lot of times it is ab exercises and if they keep going they can orgasm. Have you ever heard of that? I had no idea! Girls get all the fun!

My goal for the next week is to tell this in an approach.

I assume that story is good. I like it because it really is true. So I tell her that and she is laughing maybe some comment or question but basically right after I should get her number?

I’m sure I could have gotten this girls number and probably a date. But what you are talking about, (when the girls is just as invested in it as I am and just as excited to see me again as I am her) is really what I want. And I didnt think I had that with this girl.