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Eric Disco

First, kudos on the voice tone, energy, and overall smoothness of the approach. You sound as smooth as most pros. Kudos as well on qualifying her. You had her explaining herself nicely. With the right girl, this would have been enough to get contact info, so I can’t be too critical. That having been said, I see two flaws.

First, you are asking her way too many questions. That is called rapport seeking, which is what she should be doing, not you. That, more than anything else, tells her that you are both interested and invested, way more than you should be given how much she’s giving you back. There were more than a few times that I was waiting for you to just drop the conversation, let her feel the loss of interest and try to reel you back in. Unfortunately, you were the one who wound up scrambling to fill the dead space.

The second problem I saw is that this approach is low on the heat index. Presumably, you are there because she’s hot, but the conversation you’re having with her is one you could have with another man, a stranger you just met while waiting in line at the department of motor vehicles. Where is the sex? Where is the flirting? You have to learn to turn up the heat.

Your hottest story or topic of discussion is the one that sets up your sudden exit. It’s a huge demonstration of value to leave just when you know you have her in the palm of your hand and it leaves her excited to see you again. That’s the time to get contact info.