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Eric Disco

I went out to my spot to approach today and right away I saw a girl sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. I usually like to warm-up first but this girl was teed up for me. It’s much easier to get a conversation going if the girl is just sitting there bored.

I went over close to her and I was into her immediately because she was a cute redhead. She was wearing a white dress shirt with a red tie, which meant she must’ve just got off work. I hesitated and walked past her but then I went back.

I went up to her and said, “Excuse me” at first because she had headphones on. Then I said, “I was walking by and I just wanted to say hi.” She was into it.

At first I asked her about her job and she works at this new deli down the street. So I asked her if that’s a cool place and she said yeah. I like to add in the banter line about wanting to marry a rich girl so I asked if she makes $1000 a day there. She laughed.

I move on to another topic since I’m sure working at the deli isn’t something she’s really into. I ask her what she does with her days off. She says she has another job.

Then I ask what she does for fun. She said she goes to the beach. Then she shared with me about a beach that she really likes.

So the interaction is going well at this point. She seemed to be giggling a lot and I completely had her interest. There was a silent point and she picked it up by asking me what I was up to. I tell her what I did this weekend.