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Eric Disco

I just moved closer to the city and out of the suburbs so I haven’t been able to do much approaching lately. I went out today and was feeling a little frustrated. After almost three hours all I had done was a few warm-ups.

I saw a cute girl ahead of me walking in my direction. Then she turned down a street and I followed her. I got close to her, we got near the bus stop and then she sat down. That threw me for a loop because I was planning on approaching while she was walking.

So I walked by the stop, turned around and came back. There was a women sitting next to the cute girl and ‘performing’ in front of others still gives me issues, but I managed to approach the cute girl. She was a petite girl with dark hair in her mid 20s.

I said, “I was just walking by and I wanted to say hi.”

I asked her if she worked in the area and she said she did. I found out that she worked in a biology lab. She seemed like she was passionate about what she did. So I asked more about it. I asked her what inspired her to get into her field. She said she is applying to get into med school.

I sat down next to her then I found out she also volunteers at an ER. I asked her what it felt like to be in there when it got crazy.

She was asking me questions and I told her about myself. I think we connected pretty well. She was really sweet. I also asked her what she does with her days off.

I talked with her for about 5-6 minutes and decided to ask her out before the bus came. She said yes and gave me her number. She didn’t seem hesitant at all so I think she might actually go out with me. I haven’t been on a date in a while so we’ll see what happens. My problem is I put too much expectations on one girl and think too much about her because I rarely go on dates; then it makes me nervous and I get too emotionally attached. The only solution I have found for this is to get another date with a different girl.