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Eric Disco

I never realized that running ‘game’ should never stop. Ever. Which is kinda sad.

Well it can stop. Or at least after a while it’s not so much of a power struggle most of the time. Once things are ‘normal’ you don’t really need to do a whole lot. Every once in a while after that you’ll need to step up and keep things in line.

asked if she can meet him.

The fact that she asked in the first place is a big red flag. The problem, with all of these things, is that she’s not afraid to piss you off. In fact, she’s actively trying to. She should be very afraid to piss you off. The fact that she’s not means that you haven’t shown her yet that you’re willing to leave her if she misbehaves. You’ve already demonstrated on multiple instances, probably more times than you’ve listed here, that you are willing to stick with her even though she pulls bullshit like this. Many times over you should have already said to her, “There’s the door” and let her walk out if she got up and left. The wrong response to her asking this is what you did. If she were asking out of consideration for you, it would be a different story. But she wasn’t. She was asking to piss you off. So your correct response would be, “There’s the door.” Or even better, “Have fun. I gotta go do some stuff,” and you walked out the door on her.

I put my hand around her to pull her close and she pushes my hand off (very aggressively).

Terrible. This probably indicates that not only is she super disrespectful of you, but I almost guarantee that she is seeing someone else, probably seriously. I guarantee it.

She grabs my phone, and she started going through my texts with people (I usually would mind, but I didn’t give a shit at the time).

Yeah, you don’t give a shit every time when it comes to her. This girl gets a free pass with everything. You’re blinded right now. Let me be the first person to tell you. Or the fifth. Or the twelfth.

“I’m not doing that, and if you’re not happy we can break-up”.

“There’s the door.”

She texts me at midnight asking if I’m gonna be up to talk on skype. I said “I’m up now”. She responded with “no I can’t now, let’s do it in an hour or so”.

The correct response here was definitely no response. She fucked with you. Bad. She knew you were probably asleep. Got you awake. Got you to say okay let’s do it. And then said that she can’t. Wow. I would have not talked to her for a while. But then you said…

“idk if i’ll be up in an hour, I’m actually half asleep now” she says “okay bye”.

Again. The correct response is no response. But you still text her back. Needy. You say…

I’m thinking wow. holy shit. I must’ve really fucked up to let her talk to me this way. I said “We can talk tomorrow, goodnight”.

Why why why did you text her back if you knew you fucked up and let her get away with bullshit. Remember, if she’s fucking up, the best response is not response. Take your attention away from this girl. You don’t know how to do that and that is why you’re failing with her. That is how you show her that she can’t do what she is doing.

She says she couldn’t talk tomorrow night cause of early work the next day. And I said “we can talk on the phone or text it’s no problem. or you can come online now”.

Really? You keep just pouring it on. Why do you keep trying to get her to talk to you?

She said “It’s not that important to talk so whatever”. Then I just told her “okay. Well I’m going to sleep. gnight”. She didn’t respond.

You’re like the Energizer Bunny with this girl, you just keep going and going and giving and giving. No wonder she’s treating you like shit. You should have let her text last so many times here. You texting a back something sweet just keeps reinforcing her bad behavior. Leave her hanging.