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Introverted Playboy

Zhel–awesome man!

Lee is right, if you build up those basic conversation skills and dress at least normal and come across as a normal guy, there’s no reason you can’t get phone numbers from, say, 80% of the women you ask.

However, phone numbers and dates are two different animals.

At one point I got around 30% date success rate from bona fide solid cold approaches. To clarify: these were approaches where I got into a legitimate conversation with the woman for at least several minutes. So it does not include quick approaches that didn’t hook. Moreover I was selecting very specific women in very specific circumstances–typically stationary women (either standing in place or sitting down), who were alone, which really cut down on my options.

My overall, long term date success rate seems stuck right around that 10% mark. However, I stress again context matters. In certain situations and venues, I have a much higher success rate than in others.

It’s just a question of what kinds of women you’re approaching, and what you’re trying to get.

Social circle game will always deliver a higher success rate for everything (kissing, dates, sex), because of the greater comfort/ familiarity.