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What’s inauthentic about telling the truth? Models face fierce competition in NY. They work long hours (when they can find work) get paid very little and are constantly subjected to judgement about things they can’t change. In general, what about a pretty girl deserves anything more than a little curiosity on my part? Sure, I’ll walk over and say hello, but after that, I’m going to treat her no differently than I would anyone else I’m considering bringing into my life. Show me some random guy at a party and I’m going to be very skeptical that he’s funny, interesting, kind, and accomplished enough to be my friend. Why should I apply a different standard to meeting a woman? Women know when you have a double standard and instinctively equate it with neediness and a lack of opportunity. That’s why they love a good challenge. They know they’re dealing with a man worth fighting for.

Some men protest that game is deception, but I say that the part of game that these critics think of as deception is actually the learning process. In any learning process, what we’re learning is not what, at that point, we would naturally do, but we try and try to imitate those who do it naturally, and, little by little, it becomes natural to us. This is just as true of learning a language as it is of learning to box.