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Easiest for me is in a shop. You pick up an item. Any item. (Condoms and tampons included, for all you should care.) Then you ask a girl nearby if she has tried this before.

Have you tried this frozen pease before?
Where can I buy cheap frozen vegetables?
You are very knowledgeable. I will hire you as my personal grocery shopping assistant.

Works in parts, whole, with any items.

When in a bar I will ask where is a good place to pick up girls? If I ask a girl this she will relax as she gets the hint I am not trying to pick her up. It used to relax me as well.

In the street- I am at a loss of how to do it. The only way I can stop a walking girl is to tell her that I think she is cute/delicious cuz they all run away.

Finally, RESPECT for changing yourself. You can do it.