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Eric Disco

Well, the voices are not just part of your inaction. Those voices are part of your action. You did take action. You stood next to her. You even said something. You didn’t take it to the next level like you wanted to. But you didn’t give yourself credit for the action that you did take.

That’s the point of the whole program. If you feel too much anxiety to do Step 4, then just do Step 3. If you feel too much anxiety to do Step 3, then just do Step 2. There should always be SOME action you can take, even if it is just getting outside of your house and walking around. You will have some days when you feel like shit, when your body is screaming NO, and those are the most important days to do SOMETHING and tell yourself how great you are.

Guys can get more frustration and negative thoughts from doing a little bit and having a good interaction and walking away than from doing nothing at all. You get angry at yourself for not taking it further. But dealing with that is part of the whole process. Probably some of the most painful experiences aren’t even the harsh rejections, it’s when you get so close and miss your mark. There’s so much room for regret there. But processing that, acknowledging those feelings and thoughts and moving on can be one of the best growing experiences for you.