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Eric Disco

She actually showed up. I realize now that I should have left my friends’ table and gotten a separate one with just her and me, because they were all asking probing questions about her like where she’s from and what she does for a living, etc.

She showed up to the sandbar, I said hi and gave her a hug (I think this was good). We sat for 30 mins or so talking about general stuff with my friends (I think this was bad). Then, my buddy gets my check and tells me to take off with the girl. We go for a stroll around the blvd. talking about generic stuff (bad again). Oh my god I want to punch my face in as I’m typing this to reminisce. We did NOTHING SEXUAL. Correction, I did nothing sexual with her. I touched her like a total of three times during this night. When I walked her to her car, I didn’t even try to go for a hug, let alone a kiss (bad bad again). I think she’s home now, disappointed that I wimped out when I should have manned up.

Can I salvage anything that’s left of a relationship with this girl?