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Eric Disco

Well, it’s kinda boring, but she’s keeping the conversation going. It’s a kind of interest. Not the kind you’d ideally hope for, but it is what it is. I would just ask her out. Except don’t ask, tell:

“ok enough tupperware and choppers. wednesday. 9pm. the bar on the corner of smith and grand. a drink to see if we get along.”

I sometimes like to ham it up by adding something like:

“epiphanies shall rain from the heavens!”

or: “i’m bringing a hurricane of charm. will your levees hold up?”

She might be busy at the time you suggest, in which case, you want to see if she suggests an alternative, something like: “..but i’m around next week”. If she doesn’t suggest an alternative, don’t ask again. Drop it, wait a week or two, and ping her again.