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Eric Disco

As I read it, she never actually agreed to go. In other words, this isn’t a date. In fact, it’s most likely a blow-off. In this case, I would proceed as if there is nothing scheduled. Ping her with something fun and flirty. “you will never guess what i’m doing right now. it would blow your mind like a thousand suns going supernova at precisely the same moment in time!” If she responds with something like “what?”, you can say it’s somehting boring like “just watering my lawn 🙂 you?” In other words, just get her flirting to gauge her interest. Don’t text too long, just long enough for her to show she’s interested. If she does show you she’s interested – if she flirts back, asks you questions, etc. – you can remind her about the party. Remind but don’t ask. Like this: “i’m still going to this thing on thursday. you’re welcome to tag along.” Don’t sell the party. Don’t tell her how much fun it’s going to be. The main attraction is you. If she’s not willing to go for you, you don’t want her there. If she says no, wait a week or two and ping her again.