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I have told myself SO many times that there’s plenty of girls out there, so I should move on and keep searching. And just like you say… I move on. Because I don’t want to seem like I’m chasing her too hard and lose my value.

Why can’t it be that I am just being persistent in going after what I want? Without looking needy or what-not. I know I can move on from this girl. She’s not ALL I got, but I want to know that I have at least put some effort towards getting her to meet me.

I always move on in situations like this all the time in the past, and I can’t seem to get the girls I truly desire. Mainly because I feel like I give up too soon or I feel she her values are too high.

I do get enough girls and even some hot ones, but when it comes to connecting with them I feel zero connection. Only the sex is good. After that, it’s done and over and most likely I won’t see them again.

I’ve never had a LTR. I sometimes feel if I’ll ever be able to love someone. Or sometimes I wonder if I just haven’t found the right girl.

And maybe I haven’t because the ones I THINK could be a potential gf I give up too soon and move on. Then I’m back in the loop again of getting girls I just get for short term or one night stands.

I want to change this around and aim more towards finding a girl (like the one I’ve mentioned) to try a long term.

If that means I keep trying then, I will. Having lots of girls is a good feeling, but after awhile it gets kinna old to me and I want to aim for one quality girl and try to focus on her. Or else I keep continuing the loop of finding the girl, sleeping with her, then find a new girl.

This is the reason I stress that I want some advice how I can achieve getting THIS particular girl I mentioned.

And IF it doesn’t work out between us, then fuck it. I’ll move on, but at least for the next time when I meet a girl like her again I won’t give up too soon and actually work on getting her.