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The second date is a continuation of the first date, but the most important thing about a second date is that it must move forward. You’re going to lose points if the second date feels no more intimate than the first date. Even if you try to make things more intimate and fail, you’re better off than just going with the flow and having a comfortable, but lukewarm second date. Think about it. She knows you want her, at least in the physical sense. Presumably, you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t want her. (It’s even worse if she thinks you don’t want her but you’re there because your life is empty of other options.) So when you don’t make a move, what’s her perception of you? That you’re scared? That you’re shy? That you’re not a risk taker. All bad stuff that will come back to haunt you later. On the second date, you’re better off taking some chances.