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Eric Disco

I call her after my really busy weekend, no reply, so I left message and text. No response.

Why both? Next time just do one. Both is coming on a bit strong.

So I texted her. No reply.

I’m curious what you texted her. If it was a light ping, okay.

Instead, her friend whom she looked up to, whom I talked to on the phone months ago, but never met, added me on a professional networking page. This is probably nothing.

Agreed. Probably means nothing.

Their company is hosting another party next week. I am going and I hope she will too. I’d like to finish the job this time, in spite of the other girls on the plate. I want to get what i want. Behold my battle plan: find her, secure and lock eye contact/smirk, motion her to come to me, ask her to an instant date after event, persist through excuses and resistance with superior eye contact and body language, hold my ground and do not waver.

Here’s what will most likely happen. You’ll see her, but she won’t give you the same attention she gave you last time. How do I konw? Because she didn’t respond to two of your texts. But let’s say that she does give you the same amount of attention. You’re not going to lock her in by heavy eye contact, as if your eye contact wasn’t strong enough last time. Too much eye contact = too much interest.

Your best bet is to flirt with other women in the place. Make the rounds. Be the life of the party. Come chat with her every once in a while. Make her fight for your attention. Show less interest in her rather than more. She already blew off two of your texts and phone calls. That is your only play at this point.