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Eric Disco

Congratulations on a great approach. You did exactly the right thing. You asked her to meet you for a specific time. This gave her a chance to say No. If she had said No, I would not have pushed it further. But she voluntarily said that she would be up for something when she gets back. That’s a good sign of interest.

However, you sent her a text and there was no response. To me, that’s a big sign of disinterest. She has already decided in her mind that you aren’t the guy for her. For whatever reason–she has a boyfriend or she already likes some other guy or you just didn’t cut it in some way–that was a No.

If you were interested in a girl and she sent you a text message, would you respond? Of course you would.

Now, what would happen in the ‘best case’ scenario here in terms of getting a date? Maybe she would respond to another text because she felt bad or she felt pressured. And she goes out on a date with you and gives you even more resistance. Now you’ve wasted time and energy following a lead that was already a No. It’s not worth it. You got your No when she didn’t respond to the text. Put your energy elsewhere.

Cold approach pickup is hard. You get a lot clearer No’s from women than if this was a social circle. But that’s actually a good thing. Now you know and you can go out and talk to another girl.