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You’re asking the classic question. Is it better to pull back or to keep trying? If you’re going to try again, the ideal scenario goes something like this. You try. She won’t let you. You pull back. She feels she’s losing you, which wasn’t her intention, so she starts cooperating. You try again and succeed. Here is what’s different about your story. You didn’t really pull back and she didn’t really cooperate, which is why going in again was a mistake. When you pull back, she has to feel like she may be losing you. Inviting her to a restaurant and trying again only makes you look weaker and more desperate. What should you do now? Given the way the dynamic is going so far, I would not ask her out. I’d ping her every week or so but I’d let her suggest getting together. Will she? Maybe not. She’s been passive with this whole thing so far. But if she does, you know that you again have some leverage. Until then, you have to be patient.