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Introverted Playboy

I’ve had a surprising number of cases where I randomly ran into girls that I had approached before and gotten contact info (and asked her out, and she did not bite). Each time, it seemed like maybe there was a chance to re-spark the interest. But each time, I never actually met up with her. This case looks like it might be similar. Although good job with the instant date.

I agree with Lee, you’ve invested a lot already. It’s her turn to step up to the plate and invest back. (It’s quite possible she’s just been enjoying the validation the whole time: She’s flattered that you want to kiss her, but has no desire to actually go through with it.)

One way to split the difference might be to mention a group activity you’re doing (going out with a bunch of friends on the weekend for instance), and say “you’re welcome to come.” That way you don’t show too much interest and you give her the chance to take some initiative.