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Eric Disco

She’s not sure you’re into her, so she’s trying to get you to invest time before giving you what you want. It’s a good strategy. If you’re not into her, you will eventually give up. If you’re into her, you will eventually get what you want. Do you really want to convince this girl to have a meaningless encounter with you? I would let it go. Spend your effort on girls whose attraction to you is stronger than their caution. On the other hand, suppose you do want to give a potential relationship with this girl a real shot. How should you do it? You have to get her to invest a bit more as well. Take her on a proper date. When things are going well, start pushing for what you want. Let her plainly and forcefully say no. When she does, look at your watch and calmly say “I’ve had enough struggle for one night. I’m going to go meet up with a few friends. Call me when you figure out that you’re really attracted to me and maybe we can try again.” Kiss her on the cheek and go. No plans. No explanations. Just walk out. Let her feel the loss.