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Don’t get caught up in the lingo–the words don’t mean anything. Although you could consider ‘hanging out’ as ‘a date that doesn’t go anywhere’. Just like ‘friends with benefits’ or ‘fuck buddies’ don’t mean anything either–that’s just dating you don’t want to commit to.

Basically, it’s ALL dating–people invent all these terms to protect themselves and to have a packaged way of talking about the convoluted relationship game with their friends, family, or even themselves.

But ultimately, you need to convey the interest pretty soon–if it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a date to the girl, it won’t turn into one, then you’re stuck. The move doesn’t HAVE to be on date # 1 2 3 or whatever–the number doesn’t matter–but you can’t disguise your intent–she has to know very early what your intentions are.