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Eric Disco

Thx eric. Always do appreciate you giving advice.
She has been on my mind, but not as bad as I used to. Considering i’m out there way more than I used to be and chatting up girls.

The whole part about texting kinna got to me bc I’ve stopped the habit of making a conversation through texting. Obviously this is a different case.

Also i’d like to ask…

I’ve been meeting a quite good amount of girls these days. Much much better than I used to. I can easily make girls laugh and even connect with most of them.

It feels like to me though, that a lot of these girls after we say goodbye its hard to set up a meeting. I’ve been getting a lot of excuses.

To be honest with you, my game is pretty good. Even friends have told me. I can get sexual, flirty, funny, witty, whatever. I wasn’t always able to do these things but now that I can I still find it hard to meet up with them again. At first I thought I needed to be better at my initial game, but it turns out the result only getting slightly better.

I’m gonna keep doing it and making my runs. But i’m sure everyone on this site knows how frustrating sometimes it is when its time to ask a girl out but she keeps making excuses. I do my absolute best to keep my cool and play it off, but deep inside I sometimes feel i’ve failed.

If there’s any helpful advice or words of encouragement would be great.