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Introverted Playboy

This is always an interesting phenomenon (in my opinion anyway), and I’ve written about it before.

Here are some possibilities:

1. Yes, it could have been bad sex in her opinion
2. She may have decided she made a “mistake” again and wanted to cut things off and put it all behind her
3. She may be conflicted about the whole thing in light of her other experiences, so she’s very uncertain/ hesitant
4. She may just be very fucked up in terms of her sex life right now–she can’t resist hot guys but she’s not being responsible with her own emotions
5. She may genuinely just be busy and wants you to keep taking the initiative
6. She may just need some space before seeing you again

Any or all of these could apply.

I think given what you told her about not wanting a relationship (which was awesome BTW–a lot of guys would not say that), and her going ahead with the sex anyway, she’s seeing you as exactly that: a potential fuck buddy. So making plans for the day after contradicts that, and smells more like a relationship.

If you want a fuck buddy, keep it to once per week. And don’t text that frequently.

It’s too premature to call it quits. I would wait a few days, try her again (maybe even try her a few more times over the next few weeks–just 2 or 3 text messages over 3 weeks or so, can’t really hurt). Depending on how much effort you want to make. After that leave it.