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Lee. You knock so much truth into me, it hurts.
just last night, I met this swedish flight attendant for the second time. She hits me up letting me know she’ll be in town for 36 hrs. We grab some quick dinner and right away we head over to her hotel room.

This girl was so incredibly sexy I swear I was falling for her only bc of her looks (as u mentioned). I lowered my value bc I was just so turned on by this girl I was chasing sex AFTER we had sex. Twice.

In the back of my mind I knew she was leaving tmr and I wanted to fuck her as much as I can while she was laying naked next to me.

Of course what did I do? I stayed the night with her. But this time as you’ve mentioned I left early in the morning. Which she seemed perfectly okay with.

I knew I had a bad feeling by her reaction. Early she 87had asked me if she wanted to go shopping with her tmr. I said okay. (Stupid)

Next day comes (today) she tells me her flight back home turned out to be earlier and that she won’t have time to hang out tonight.

Irritated and a bit of that heart broken feelin. Not like a oneitus but still shitty. I say goodbye to her n have a safe flight back. She mentions hanging out again when she comes back. Who knows.

I gave in to a lot of temptation with her only bc the time we had was so limited. But in turn that really didn’t help me out either.

I do try and really implement what u tell me but that temptation is what fucks it up for me. You teach great self discipline and that’s what I need to work on.