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Eric has some great articles on getting more sexual in the conversation and moving away from the boring topics/ vibe. You can also check out the guys of and Justin Wayne on Youtube to see how they turn up the heat in their daytime approaches. There are lots of different styles that can work. A lot of it comes down to your nonverbals (strong body language/ physical presence, getting close enough to her, lowering your voice, eye contact, etc). Even a tame/ “boring” verbal conversation can have sexual energy with the right nonverbals.

The benefit of talking to people everywhere is that it keeps you warmed up and gives you great momentum going into an approach. It’s all about practice and experience, just like anything else. When you see the hot girl, instead of needing to start from scratch with that conversational energy, you already have it, so it becomes effortless. So conversation in general (with friends, strangers, cashiers, sales clerks, etc) is definitely something for you to think about.

Basic conversation skills come first, and then spicy/ sexual conversation is added on top of that.

Also a little light touching can go a long way, even with otherwise simple conversation. Checkout this approach experiment I wrote about on my blog:

Some general principles I will throw out there: outcome independence, self amusement, saying whatever pops into your head, being present to the moment, being willing to take a risk and say something crazy, speaking off the cuff without thinking, and being willing to fail or say the wrong thing from time to time. It’s all about loosening up and having fun. You have to be willing to try, fail, learn, and improve for the next time. Hope that helps.