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Thanks guys

After thinking about it I basically have very little game. I open direct and have to hope one of the following things happens:
1) She finds me physically attractive
2) I get lucky and somehow say the right thing
3) She’s desperate/new to town/on vacation

Is it basically agreed upon that street approaching requires a direct approach? I agree going direct definitely doesn’t lead directly into conversation, seeing as I don’t know what to say next, but it is easier to have a conversation with a girl who is stopped then one who is walking.

Lee you say I have to do situational banter to get to where your opener gets but is it a good idea to have a scripted transition that does what your opener does? Just winging it has never worked for me and doesn’t allow easy improvement.

If I’m going to get to topic 1 after going direct could I just do something as simple as just asking her how her day is going and then whether she asks me or not, say: “I’m beat up from work. I’m a mechanical engineer and I am working on this 3d printing project…” Then elaborate on why 3d printing is cool and why I like it. I tend to think the stuff I do is interesting to people but I also am afraid of sounding like a nerd sometimes.

Playboy I think I definitely use my approach to convey sexuality. I generally fall into the friend zone easily and I want to get out of that.

To answer your question my issue is having good conversation that builds attraction. I can have boring conversation that ends with the girl saying she has a boyfriend or whatever. I think I can be somewhat robotic with my conversations.

In terms of having conversation with strangers, I’m not that bad at it but I don’t do it very often other than through approaching. If I get into a conversation about the weather or if some place is busy today I feel like shooting myself. Honestly I don’t have very many friends either so I don’t really even have much conversation in general.

When I am situational and I comment about something she is wearing, what she is doing, etc. I don’t know where to take it.