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In my opinion it is all related. She will look at your last interaction and she will decide accordingly.

You know the answer to your question because it’s common sense. You sent her a message and she didn’t respond. That’s a bad sign. I know Eric would just tell you ‘it’s a lost cause, go meet other girls’ and that is the best thing to do. As to what you can do from here.. you can ping her again in a week or so. I would go for a second meet, you got nothing to lose.

I just answered your question so you can stop reading here. But I’m gonna give you something more. If you want to read on, be my guest. If not, hopefully someone else in this forum can benefit from it.

This is not me trying to change the way to think, I don’t think that’s productive and it doesn’t benefit me in any way. I want to, however, present you with a whole different outlook on LIFE, not only dating. I don’t believe in this “I personally don’t approach dates with those tactics, I have in past and find I have better success rate just being myself”

We spend most of our lives trying to ‘find ourselves’. I can not count how many times I’ve surprised myself with things I never imagined I could do. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t ‘myself’ in THAT moment, all that means is I haven’t DISCOVERED that part of myself yet. In the pick-up community there is something called ‘your best self’. And that’s what we STRIVE to achieve.

Before you throw those ‘tactics’ out in the trash, I wish you would understand the purpose behind them. They are not meant to be this scheme that you plan before a date, rather they are behavioral characteristics that you should convey to her to tell her she would be NUTS not to want to be with you. That you deserve the absolute best and at some point have the courage to question her if SHE deserves to be with YOU. That you align yourself with fun-loving people, only, and that you have no room for negativity in your life, and so on..

At its core, you have to believe these things yourself. And if you can’t.. Pretend for a while, until it sinks in. Because one day you’ll wake up and truly understand why you deserve the best and most beautiful girls in this world.