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I have been stressed a bit so here comes a bunch load.

Step 2: Day 17

Today I decided to skip the normal approaches and focus on step 2.2 approaching unattractive girls. What a bummer. Town was filled with young hotties and I had a hard time finding something unattractive. I eventually found a nice target in a supermarket, moved in like a sniper, glanced over and got a smile from her. Success. She was not freaked out. But I only got 1 today.

Step 2: Day 18

Today I did step 2.2 again. This step is not as easy as a normal step 2 since the women are more difficult to locate and often they are so insecure/shy etc that they will never look at me. However, today I was able to approach 4 such ladies in a supermarket. 3 smiled at me and 1 was neutral and with none I felt that they were creeped out by me.

Step 2: Day 19

Step 2.2: 5 or 10. Less than 5 were successful. Biggest problem is that old ladies and unattractive (obese) girls are so shy and timid that my step 2.2 does not work very often. Best chances are with MILFs: 30 to 45 yr olds shopping alone or with their kids. I noticed that non native colored girls can give some very deep glances unlike the locals – it almost feels as if they want to secure a white dude for a nice life in the West. Here is the good part about step 2.2: If I dry approach a girl and look at her from a short distance without her looking at me, it will give me a somewhat powerful feeling of success since it is different from doing a pure step 2. It is the next logical step in any interaction that you turn your head just before saying something. So far step 2.2 has not backfired on me.

Step 2: Day 20
Did some 5 approaches. Nothing spectacular

Step 2: Day 21
Did some 5 approaches. I was annoyed due to too few good targets in town.

Step 2: Day 22
5 Approaches or so. Special interaction I don’t know how to interpret: Walked into a supermarket and saw a beautiful mom with her small kid. Went straight up to her. Brief eye contact. Left her and tried to approach some other women. Found some food and went to the check out and was waiting in line. Was looking around and saw the sexy mom in the other line again. Looked at her and she looked back – but now she did not break eye contact and I did neither (she was eye fucking me). For a few seconds we looked, and then I suddenly felt a growing boner. I’ve never tried that before so fast. My reflex was to look away because I must have felt embarrassed – of course she could not see my boner in the pants, but still. It was clear that she was checking me out and I felt “electricity”. It was a very powerful emotional moment for me – lots of non verbal communication.

Step 2: Day 23
5 to 10 approaches. I automatically started to approach hotter and hotter girls and give them a little eye contact – however not necessarily with her looking back. I felt it was a waste to approach old women and ugly girls so I’m teasing my shame a bit more now.

Step 2: Day 24
Less than 5 approaches. I was very busy today. Nothing interesting happened.

Step 2: Day 25
Only 2 approaches at the train station. Was sitting next to a sexy girl who was playing with her phone. I decided to sit next to her for a long time and collect my thoughts. Basically my brain wanted to stay blank and show zero interest and curiosity in her. The girl was watching some bullshit instagram and was clearly bored – she would be happy if somebody would talk to her – but I didn’t. Anyhow, I had to FORCE myself to think about her. I was calm and “ice cold”, solid as a rock. Would it have been easier to talk to her if she was doing nothing with her and staring like I did? NOT AT ALL – same resistance. I had to force myself to consider: Am I afraid of her? Would it be shameful to talk to her? Would I be creepy if I talked to her? I could say no to all 3 questions. And of course, her having a bf, only interested in tall guys etc did not even cross my mind – my fear of rejection = zero. I could run all the affirmations I wanted and all would be positive. Everything screams: Do the approach now – you WILL win. But here is the problem, maybe: When thinking about the 3 minutes with her I had no interest in knowing what she likes for breakfast, how many times she masturbates a day, what she studies, what her dreams are….zero interest.

Step 2: Day 26
Again a busy day. 5 approaches in a supermarket. Picked the cutest girl at the register. During check out she asked me if I wanted a coupon. Usually I just say no because its all bullshit. But this time I asked, why not. Had a 15 second convo on what I could win and made a remark if I needed to buy more stuff to get even more coupons.

Step 2: Day 27
Very busy day: Less than 5 dry approaches in a supermarket.

Step 2: Day 28
Another tough, busy day. Even though I was tired commuted to town in the evening but things were empty. 2 approaches.