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Step 2: Day 16

Today I dry approached 10 girls.

A few observations:

Last night I was doing some heavy thinking and came to the following conclusion: Since it’s shameful that a girl looks at me when I’m standing close (= I quickly look away because I was caught displaying my lust for her) I realized I am not AT ALL ready for step 3. I need to be much more comfortable around girls. The 200 girls I have dry
approached were pretty and attractive. If one of the 200 girls would look at me I would chicken out, look away and feel big discomfort and resistance – without saying anything! My way to solve this problem is as follows: Do step 2 with unattractive girls/women and older ladies and on purpose (when standing close) look at them and try to get caught looking at them. I know I will not freak out if an unattractive girl or old lady looks at me because my body feels no lust for her. The purpose is to move in like she is pray, try to catch her eye and thereby subconsciously convey some (fake) sexual/romantic interest in her. When I get comfortable doing this with unattractive girls, the idea is to increase and do the same with 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s in that order. Like everyone says, 80% is body language, so I want to display some sexual interest by getting caught looking on purpose. Now this can have 2 outcomes I believe: a) The girl stays where she is (good sign) or b) The girl moves away. b) can be interpreted as a rejection but I choose to see it differently: If she moves away she realizes I was non-verbally hitting on her and she did not like my advances. But the mere fact that she moved away tells me that I am comfortable showing my (sexual) intent – and that is a victory. As long as I don’t freak out when she moves away and I feel great about it – I won the battle. i could call this step 2.2.

Therefore, today, combined with my 10 normal approaches, I tried to seek out unattractive girls and old ladies in the super market or train station. This is my very first day doing this and I think it did not go well: most of the time I felt those girls/women/ladies were so shy or inhibited that I almost never were able to catch their eyes.

What do you think of this new idea? Do you have any improvements? As you see I’m trying to break down step 2 into even tinier baby steps.

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