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SomeguyUK: Thanks for your comments, it helps a lot πŸ™‚

My take on your comments in terms of faking it: While doing the boot camp I was basically faking it for 2 weeks with the coaches. And it worked. But as I wrote earlier: When I came back home everything was gone and the faking had not helped me at all. I was back to square one again, however at the cost of 20000 dollars. However, I admit if I had a coach push me to do 10 approaches every single day for 1 year, my world view would be different πŸ™‚

Step 2: Day 15

Only did 5 or so approaches since I came into town too late.

A few observations:

1. I have now been doing the program for 15 days non stop and in total I have approached approx. 200 girls. According to the program I should approach at least 5 girls each day for 7 days totaling 35 girls. I have approached 6x that. I have pushed myself every single day even though the weather was really bad and I had to do the commute. And I don’t feel even close to opening my mouth yet. The resistance (step 3) is enormous, not just with beautiful girls but just any stranger like a man or an ugly girl. But I will keep pushing.

2. There is an e book by Michael Pilinsky called “Without embarrassment” and it resonates a lot with me. It discusses the sexual shame/embarrassment originating from childhood (something that was also discussed on this forum some 10 years ago by a member here). Anyhow, Pilinsky says: In most cases you don’t have a fear of rejection but you have a fear of showing that you are a vulnerable human being who needs love, affection and sex. And how do you know if you belong to that category of men who don’t have a fear of rejection but who feel shame and embarrassment when approaching a girl? If a girl is attracted to you and she gives off all the possible signs that you should approach her (like smiling non stop, like touching her hair, like standing 3 feet away from you, like looking at you all the time, maybe holding up a written sign saying “please talk to me”) and you STILL cannot approach her, then you have a shame problem deeply rooted in your subconscious mind. I have been told a few times that I look handsome – even like a movie star (forgot the name of the actor) but these compliments don’t help at all when standing next to a girl. It’s extremely frustrating.