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Step 2: Day 12

The town is still dead due to holidays but managed to get 7 dry approaches.

A few notes:
Got really disappointed when I came into town and realized there were so few girls. I take this response as a positive sign. I also noted that I’m going for girls who are with their boyfriend. Example: Girl sitting on a bench with her boyfriend. I still manage to sit next to her. Her bf does not intimidate me at all. I’m really ice cold on this one.

When I’m commuting in and out of town I try to go to super markets in the “suburbs” just to get a few more approaches. I’m very determined.

I decided to introduce a Step 2.1: When I’m planted next to her or seated next to her. I will try to turn my head towards her looking at her phone or her face for only 1-2 seconds. As if I’m going to say something to her. There is resistance in doing it since it reveals my interest for her: That I might be caught looking thereby displaying my sexuality which is so frightening.