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I know what you mean about the being genuine thing. Sometimes I prefer being more direct – like giving compliments or just introducing myself to the girl. I feel a little awkward ‘faking it’ if I don’t really need recommendations or whatever.

But some things to remember:

1. Women do the same thing – if they are interested in a guy they will often ask him innocent (fake) questions

2. Girls actually appreciate game! They will often think it’s cool that you approach them in smooth, subtle ways. (There is a thread about this somewhere on this forum called ‘girls love game’).

3. It’s just a training mechanism anyway. You’re just saying words that are congruent with the social situation around you.

If you genuinely freeze up when asking the questions, I’m not sure what the answer is. Maybe giving genuine compliments will work better for you. Try that too. Don’t worry about their reaction – just focus on saying the line and then pat yourself on the back.

> I just get suicidal when thinking my only option is a cougar with 2 kids from a broken marriage: but society only accepts this solution for a guy like me.

Don’t tell yourself that story. There are millions of women out there. You also sound pretty successful which is a major advantage for older guys.

> I felt an enormous resistance due to my social conditioning (even recently in local media where it’s frowned upon when an older man has a younger gf) but I was so positively shocked when those girls were open and happy to my advances

I hear you. I sometimes feel a bit weird approaching younger girls too. But it’s just something to get over. Ultimately lots of women like older guys. A few years back, I knew a 70 year old guy who was seeing a 25 year old. If that can happen, anything can happen.

Also, just because you’re approaching younger girls, doesn’t mean you’re dating them. You can also do it just for fun, to flirt. Women love to flirt and they enjoy interacting with guys who can make them smile and laugh. It’s not like you’re asking these girls to marry you – you’re just having a conversation.

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