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Thanks for your support, it helps a lot 😀

Question – have you had moments in your life before where you’ve randomly asked women for directions/information, without thinking about pickup stuff? If you’ve done it before and it wasn’t a big deal for you, maybe try to think of this in the same way. You’re not trying to ‘pick anyone up’ yet – just getting used to opening your mouth. Asking strangers for help is a normal thing to do.

If it’s too much for you to open a women, maybe take even smaller steps to get there. Ask a guy for directions (again, you’re just getting warmed up). Ask some old women that you’re not attracted to. Then move on to the more attractive girls.

1. It’s no problem to ask girls for something but my main problem is, it has to be genuine. I cannot lie to myself – I’m too honest. I almost cringe inside if I have to ask for directions or the time. So if I go to a grocery store and need some stuff that I cannot find I will actively seek out the hottest female employee and ask for the stuff. This works because I literally cannot find the food I’m looking for. If I know where the chocolate is and I search for a girl who can give me the directions to chocolate my brain shuts down – I cannot fake it. It would be the same if it’s an old, unattractive store clerk.

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