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Eric Disco

To me, an analogy would be getting into shape physically. At first you’re overweight. You can barely run 2 miles. You get into shape. You lose a ton of weight and gain a lot of muscle. You can run ten miles now. At this point, you can still get out of shape. If you sit on a couch for an entire year and eat donuts, you may get back to the same place you were before you started exercising.

But instead, if you take a break from pushing things hard, but still flirt with women once in a while, take opportunities to act like a leader, challenge yourself socially other ways, etc., it won’t be that hard to get back into shape. You’ll be rusty and it might take some work to get back into shape, but it probably won’t be as hard as the first time you did it. You know your body. You know you can do it. You’ve exercised those muscles before, it just takes a few weeks/months to get back there, depending on how long and far you’ve been out of the game.

And there are some guys who are socially very capable without even trying, just like there are some athletes who can do things no one else can do. Some guys can approach women without being “in shape.” Some guys are out there really killin it, so I don’t think it’s fair to say all PUA’s are X.

I take breaks from going out and meeting women. Sometimes I need a break. Sometimes I need to clear my head and focus on other things in my life, challenge myself in other ways. There’s more to life than women, as exciting as it is. Man cannot live on women alone.