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You’re not asking for my input, but I’m gonna chime in again anyway.

It looks impressive but really, getting a phone number is nothing. Girls give fake numbers out all the time, or give their real numbers with no intention of replying. The real achievement is actually getting a girl on a date from a 5-minute conversation on the street – and that’s way harder.

It’s also worth remembering that Approach anxiety is not logical. It’s totally instinctual, some kind of primitive self-protection mechanism. It can’t be completely ‘cured’ because our survival instincts are hard-wired.

So trying to understand the anxiety doesn’t help. Analyzing it or questioning it doesn’t help.

The only thing that helps is desensitising yourself consistently, step-by-step in the way Eric lays out. And then keeping up the habit. (And perhaps also going out with a friend and seeing them do it – but you still need to be able to practice alone.)