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Eric Disco

Agreed. You want to do positioning in a way that’s casual and doesn’t make it seem like you’re positioning near her because of her. There are certain situations where this is difficult or almost impossible. If she’s sitting alone all the way in the back of an empty bus, it would be super creepy to sit right next to her.

That being said, there may be other ways to get near women who are in awkward situations like this. For example, if she’s sitting all alone on a huge park bench and it would be weird to sit near her, you can walk past her and stop right in front of her. Don’t face her, just walk past and stop, facing in the direction you were walking. At the same time you stop, pull your phone out of your pocket as if you just got a text message and are checking it. Then keep walking.

Your phone is a great prop in positioning because you have an excuse to stop almost anywhere. You can also pretend your on a call and just walking around aimlessly and just happen to end up near her. The only caution I would say with your phone is to not walk around with your phone out of your pocket looking at it–pull it out right as you stop near her.