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Eric Disco

I don’t think you need to lie. There’s a few ways you can handle it. When she asks your age, you can tell her your real age and then say, “Does it make you nervous to talk to an older man?” You’re turning the tables on her, as if she’s the one who should feel nervous about talking with you.

Another way to respond when she asks about your age is to say, “Way too old for you, but we can still be friends.” In other words, you’re framing her asking as if it is a demonstration of interest in you, which it is. She would not be asking you this question if she didn’t think you were a prospect.

Older men have a lot to offer women, things younger men can’t, like experience, higher status, etc. Instead of hiding your age (and she’s got an idea of your age anyway, she doesn’t think you’re 30 when you’re 45) you should reframe it and make her wonder whether she’s interesting and experienced enough to measure up. Ask her about the books she’s read or what she’s accomplished, etc.