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Eric Disco

Believe it or not, women are attracted to men. They don’t want to meet men through online dating. They hate it. A woman wants a guy who can talk to her in person, who has the balls to walk up to her and say something to her. She wants to be able to tell their friends and family that she met her boyfriend at the park or the supermarket rather than online.

Not every interaction with a woman will work out. Maybe you’ll inconvenience her for a couple of seconds and maybe even creep her out. I’ve done it plenty of times. It’s inadvertent. And they get over it. They go about their day in the next minute. If you have no experience approaching women, it may bother you for a while. But learning to deal with those negative emotions after the approach is as important as dealing with the negative emotions before the approach.

This has nothing to do with low self-esteem and everything to do with your inexperience putting yourself in risky situations and dealing with those feelings. Once you get better at approaching, you can reframe this as an exciting endeavor. Once you begin to practice taking action immediately, those voices start to subside. You begin to see yourself as the prize. You’re doing her a favor by walking up to her and talking to her. She wants to have experiences and meet men.

Check out the chapter in my book called, “How to deal with thoughts and feelings after negative interactions.” I give a number of important points, including:

– Notice and accept all your feelings after an interaction
– Avoid trying to “learn your lesson”
– Come up with an affirmation ahead of time
– End interactions on your own terms by saying something like, “Okay, thanks for your help,” or “It was nice to meet you,” even if she rejects you
– Initiate an interaction with another person right after a rejection and compliment them if you can
– Call up a friend


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