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Alex. A

> You come across too much as a nice guy in this type of text. Try this instead. When you meet her and get her number, say you will text her right there so she has your number. Then say, ‘Hi This is Alex.’ That’s it. Now she knows who it is. This takes away from the low status text of having to say, “Hi It’s Alex” later on. Then the next day, send her a much more chill message like, “You never know who you’re going to meet at Starbucks” or where ever you met her. You could even do something more playful like, “You’ll never guess what happened to me at Starbucks yesterday.” When she asks what, say “I met a girl who xxxxx” and describe something about her.

I will think about it but I feel this examples non-congruence for me now. But may be I actually should change it and try other styles.

> But I try to avoid calling a girl out of the blue.

And I like to speak with them and have live communication (phone, dates) as mush as possible instead text. I noticed I’m outvoted with loving this way of communication.

I’m going to be very distracted when I’m texting sometimes and I always try to group my communications into clusters, and I check my phone rarely in order to focus on my work or other deals totally. For me it’s better to call girl twice a week and to have more saturated talks and dates instead teasing her by messages and split one conversation into a lot of short dialogues.

But may be it’s too “business-like”, too serious and booring for girls, and little attention for her…

> I was talking about the approach. You should have some kind of structure.

Hmm, I have some my own structure, if we speak about approach. But I don’t have any structure of a date. Should I have some fulcrum about date? If yes, what can it be?

> If you’re getting *some* dates then you probably aren’t doing something super wrong.

I get very few lays and second-third dates. With first dates everything is passably.

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  • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by Alex. A.