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Eric Disco

> And do you recommend getting sexual in order only to weed out women without any sexual hints about me? I mean, does it also help to build proper frame of our dates or is it sieve first of all?

Yes. It does a lot more than just weed women out. It builds attraction by showing that you are confident, sexual, and not afraid to talk about sex. It also shows that women are often attracted to you quickly.

> “Hi! It’s Alex, I was glad to meet you yesterday, it was pleasant for me to speak with you and I would be interested to talk with you more. So, will be in touch!”

You come across too much as a nice guy in this type of text. Try this instead. When you meet her and get her number, say you will text her right there so she has your number. Then say, ‘Hi This is Alex.’ That’s it. Now she knows who it is. This takes away from the low status text of having to say, “Hi It’s Alex” later on. Then the next day, send her a much more chill message like, “You never know who you’re going to meet at Starbucks” or where ever you met her. You could even do something more playful like, “You’ll never guess what happened to me at Starbucks yesterday.” When she asks what, say “I met a girl who xxxxx” and describe something about her.

> Phone call next day. And during this call I want to know about her something else and to tell about me (if it was very fast acquaintance, may be just numbers exchange) and than invite her out. If we talked during acquaintance 5–10 minutes, than I will invite her out faster during phone call.

This is okay. But I try to avoid calling a girl out of the blue. I’ll wait till she responds to a text message and say something like, “I’m gonna call you real quick for a minute, my thumbs are tired from texting all day.” I see how she responds. If she responds positive, then I call. If she says that she prefers to text, then I keep it over text. But I may send 2 or 3 more text messages and then set up a date.

> Yes, you are right, that it’s total improvisation on a date. We speak about jobs, our interests, eat together in a cafe, tell stories etc. Can you recommend any material to study for me?

I was talking about the approach. You should have some kind of structure. I have a structure listed in my book. Basically, it goes something like this:

Banter or quick story or something about yourself or interesting conversation topic; i.e. something besides personal questions about her
Transition into personal conversation
Find something about her you can appreciate

> The question was first of all, is my date/lay ratio acceptable, or I do something super wrong

If you’re getting *some* dates then you probably aren’t doing something super wrong. If your numbers are lower than expected then you probably need to switch some things around, tighten up your game, throw in some different elements. Most of them I covered above.

> And also how could I thank you for answer and help?

You could buy a copy of my book. Available on Amazon and Audible.