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Eric Disco

Hi Alex,

While it’s understandable to compare your statistics to other people’s statistics to see if you are doing well, there are also *sooo* many variables that it is almost impossible to compare. How good is their game? How good is your game? How physically attractive are you? How high is your status? How physically attractive are the women you’re approaching? How old are they? How old are you? Are you approaching them on the street vs bars vs coffee shops, etc.? What type of city do you live in? What is the culture of that city? Given all these variables, it’s really impossible to compare your ratios with someone else’s. But if you feel like you are having problems getting first dates, then let’s talk about what could be standing in the way of getting first dates.

For example, here are some better questions to answer:

How sexual do you get with these women? How quickly do you get sexual? How much do you connect with them? How much do you know about them when you leave? How much do they know about you? Do you leave them wanting more at the end? Do you qualify them?