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Interesting thoughts. I somewhat agree, however I am not convinced it is due to those guy character traits. They are just being themselves, with all respect one is a friendly, goofy giant and the other is a born salesman who can chat up everyone to the point where he achieves his goal and takes no prisoners. I think the attraction from female perspective is instinctual, lizard brain kicks in – safety, protection etc. The two individuals put 0 effort.

My point being, is approach theory a self improvement or a cover up (I know this may not be the forum where claims like this a welcome)?
I was watching my salesman friend, I engaged with the same women and my conclusion was that if I had to do it every minute of every day like he does I’d be exhausted and probably depressed after a while.

It is like that book that I read about introverts utilizing certain technics to be accepted in extrovert oriented professions and work environments. All in all, the technics were ways to pretend to be someone you are not and trick your various senses to achieve an extrovert task. My conclusion was that bottom line there is us and them and there are no two ways about it.

Unfortunately, same principles that may cripple introverts in getting jobs cripple them in getting women. There isn’t anything constructive I am getting to here and I realize I may be going through a bit of the rough patch. The weather is turning and the fall blues is settling in. I also got hot out of the gate after reading Eric’s books and got burned out.

It would be extremely cool to at least be able to get acquainted to anyone you wish otherwise the missed opportunities are piling up. Not being able to knock them of there feet with the rapid fire coming out of my mouth or giant body I am going to have to explore some more.

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