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It helps to keep it in perspective. You did an approach. For many people, the only way to learn is to do a lot of approaches. From that perspective, that’s all it was ….an approach ….
It often happens that we overthink an approach, particularly if it’s a girl we like. And this works against us.

For girls that are in your neighborhood, like this one, you’re quite likely to keep running into each other.
One way would be to smile, say hello, or wave when you see her. That’s all. A few such sightings and the familiarity builds up.
Then stop her and have a proper conversation.

I’ve stopped girls in my neighborhood, where often we both checked each other out but walked by each other too fast to stop. Eventually the chance comes, and I just say “hey or excuse me or Stop a moment” with a smile. They always stop to chat. Or sometimes I run into them in a neighborhood café. And I start talking to them.

As an aside, a common pickup line that girls have used on me in bars is “I’ve seen you around” or “you’re a familiar face” even though I never recall seeing them anywhere.