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So there is finally a development to my drive by girl. I ended up pulling over and pretend to work in the car while waiting for her to appear in the distance. I had the lights on in the car, so she could see me as it is dusk now around the time she walks home. Headlights on and engine running.

As soon she approached the front of the car I dropped the pretend phonecall got out at said ‘Hi’ with an upbeat voice. She looked at me and smiled sincerely but didn’t stop. I continued getting out turned with her and said “hey I just wanted to say hello as I keep seeing you here” During all this the car is unfortunately still between us. She put her head down and screened me with long thick hair. I read it as avoidance so I let her be. I didn’t want to chase after her as she did not even slow down. I got back in the car and continued my pretend work so she could see me sticking around in case she looked back.

So that is that. Not great, not terrible – at least I took a shot and know what happened. I think, looking back the key was to get her to stop but it would have to be fairly aggressive. She definitely likes me, but she is either extra shy, not used to approaches, taken by surprise or maybe just too young and she knows it. So many unknowns.
The whole think took like 5 sec so not much to go on. Looking for some input, assessment, guideline or anything from the veterans.
Moving forward, I think I will wave at her as I drive by to keep it positive and show genuine interest but I doubt she is going to anything about it.